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This craft whiskey collection honors the late singer songwriter and world champion bareback rider Chris LeDoux. Beloved by the rodeo and country music world alike, LeDoux's music captured the spirit of the sport and of the American West as few will ever likely match.
A portion of all proceeds goes back to the Chris LeDoux Memorial Foundation and Make-A-Wish.

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from highly qualified judges through the distinguished Pr%f Awards


To create this unique blended bourbon whiskey we take an Indiana Bourbon and blend it with a Kentucky straight whiskey, then finish it in “Just LeDoux It” premium wine barrels. Then bottled with water straight from a Rocky Mountain aquifer, not from a public water supply, at over 7,600 feet in altitude. 

This wine barrel finish has rich dried raisin and  bitter chocolate notes followed by a smooth, subtle green apple finish.


A unique handcrafted whiskey we take a Kentucky Straight Whiskey, aged no less than four years, then finish it in “Just LeDoux It” premium wine casks. It is then bottled with water straight from a Rocky Mountain aquifer not from a public water supply, at over 7,600 feet in altitude. 

This wine barrel finish has notes of dried apricot and walnut with a mellow, wood-like finish.


This unique flavored whiskey is handcrafted by infusing corn whiskey with all natural Wyoming honey, much of the honey coming from the LeDoux Ranch, natural cinnamon, and natural clove. It is then bottled with crisp, clean water straight from a Rocky Mountain aquifer at over 7,600 feet in altitude.  

This incredible flavored whiskey was made to sip ,but is tough enough to shoot. It starts with a warm spiced cinnamon and clove flavor upfront, finishing with a smooth sweet honey mouth feel.
Westerm Skies
ThisTim Cox’s western art best portrays the lyrics of Chris LeDoux’s song “Western Skies”.

Like Chris wrote songs about rodeo and the western life of Wyoming, Tim paints what he knows; vibrant cutting horses intent on holding that cow, cowponies covered in sweat after working a hard day, ranch horses sharing a well earned drink at a glistening water trough. Ranchers, cutters, team ropers, or cowhands, all of them touch his heart. Add a striking landscape with dramatic skies; clear blue, wispy pink clouds or spectacular thunderheads and you have a Tim Cox painting.

citron vodka

Western Skies Orange Citron Vodka

Between Heaven and Earth - Start with the aroma of your favorite orange drink and a warm spring morning. Then experience orange and citrus tamarin with a slightly warm
and tart citrus acidic sweetness.
premium vodka

Western Skies Premium Vodka

Summer Breezes – You will truly enjoy this crisp, almost sweet Vodka. The smooth mouthfeel has a light bite and low to no burn.
rhubarb vodka

Western Skies
Raspberry Rhubarb Vodka

Peace of Mind - The aroma of sweet raspberry, this delicious vodka is followed by flavors of raspberry candy, raspberry
popsicle, and a light, smooth rhubarb afternote.
berry vodka

Western Skies Bareback  Pomegranate Berry Vodka

The Blowup - The delicious aroma of fruit snacks is complimented
by a sweet berry and red pomegranate flavor.
The tart finish is fresh and clean.
JLDI Chardonnay wine
Finished in Bourbon Barrels
JLDI Moscato wineJLDI Moscato wine
Finished in Rum Barrels
JLDI Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc 
Finished in Tequila Barrel
JLDI Pinot Noir wine
Pinot Noir
Finished in Rum Barrels
coming soon wine bottle
Finished in Bourbon Barrels
coming soon wine bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon
Finished in Bourbon Barrels
The Haywire Colletion
Shortly after purchasing the ranch in Kaycee, Chris decided to name it “Haywire” because there was so much bailing wire left on the property.

Haywire is also the name of his 26th album which peaked to #17 on the Billboard Top Country Music Albums Chart in 1994. We wanted to craft a line of flavored whiskeys with artful images of Chris to brand this Haywire line of spirits.

To make our unique handcrafted Haywire whiskeys we carefully select premium whiskey spirits where they are infused with natural flavors then finished and bottled at over 7,600 feet in altitude with water straight from a mountain aquifer.
pumpkin spice chai latte
pumpkin spice chai latte back label
peach cobbler
peach cobble back label
country fair apple pie
apple pie back label
buckin' brown sugar
brown sugar back label

To make our Gunslinger Juniper Gin we take a London Dry Gin and compound it with additional sweet western juniper berries. Our premium spirits are finished at a mountain-high altitude over 7,600 feet near Tie Siding, Wyoming and are bottled with crisp, clean mountain aquifer water pulled directly from a tributary of a natural aquifer. We hope you enjoy the true taste of the spirit of the west with our handcrafted spirits!

Product of Wyoming

cucumber gin
cucumber gin back label
botanical gin
botanical gin back label
juniper gin
juniper gin back label
rum ranch logo
bison bay logo
Rum Ranch Bison Bay white rum
Drink Just LeDoux It
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JDLI Etched Shot Glass
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JLDI Etched Rocks Glass
JLDI rocks glass bucking horse
JDLI Etched Wine Glass
Drink Just LeDoux ItJLDI whiskies, western skies, haywire, JLDI wines

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